9 Innings for God

Item# 978-1-4349-6135-8

by Thomas W. Surber

If you love the game of baseball and you love the Lord, this book is a must have! The author gently guides the reader through the basics of theology while putting a baseball spin to it. This book would make an excellent gift for Father's Day, birthdays, or for no special occasion at all! It's time to dig in and get into the swing of it.


Thomas W. Surber has enjoyed the game of baseball for many years. Primarily a second baseman, he has seen the ups and downs and played for winning teams and losing teams. Some of his fondest baseball memories include making a semipro team as a walk on and later competing in a free agent camp for the Houston Astros. Thomas has been a believer since the age of fourteen and is a graduate of Liberty University.

(2008, paperback, 46 pages)

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