Abused and Neglected

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Abused and Neglected
by Kerry D. Roberson

Abused and Neglected is based on a true life story about a young man back and forward through poverty, homelessness, and joblessness, knowing that it is hard to be a man and even so becoming the man that he needs to become after the many doctor visits seeing several psychiatrists and turned down by many employers.

Kerry Roberson grew up in poverty trying to overcome the many hardships life can bring throughout his neighborhood, seeing much gang and drug activity, and trying to not only get out of poverty but trying to overcome many stages.

At first he had no plan on how to write his life. He has been in many shelters and learned the ends and outs about how things work and can't work, seeking direction, finding himself in this novel. This book is very touching, riveting, detailed, and it's not only a help to himself to overcome, but the many others.

About the Author

Kerry Roberson was born in Bay City, Texas and grew up in poverty and saw every kind of abuse in his life. He became a writer in 2008. He has been in and saw much homelessness in his life, trying to overcome life situations, and going through family abuse. After going to many mental hospitals and seeing many psychiatrists in his local community and throughout other cities in Texas, he was diagnosed with a family history of a mental illness and the many struggles his mother had raising three children on her own as a single parent. Kerry D. Roberson writes from experience through every kind of hardship trying to overcome failure and the many suffering hardships that he faced.

(2012, paperback, 56 pages)


Abused and Neglected (PDF)
Abused and Neglected (PDF)

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