Abusive Women Especially In Marriage

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Abusive Women: Especially In Marriage
by Granville N. Woodbine

This book came about as a result of my personal experiences with women-my own mother, wife, sisters, and women I have to work with in terms of marital problems and other problems. I have dealt with women of all levels of education and social and economic status. I have read books on the subject and also watched people with marital problems in divorce courts. I think this problem is not noticed by society. Most people assume most women are good people, especially when they become mothers. People need to know there are more evil women in our society than they would think.

The purpose of this book is to help women examine themselves and try to change for the better, improving the quality of our society.

About the Author

My name is Granville N. Woodbine. I am the sole author of this book. I am a certified schoolteacher. I also have a bachelor's degree in theology and a master's degree in counseling education with emphasis in psychology. I have worked in several schools as principal, classroom teacher, and counselor. I have also worked as a pastor in different countries. I have worked as a teacher and counselor in different parts of the United States. I have worked with different races and cultures of people. I have a good concept of how women operate. I have seen a vast difference between the women of the Eastern part of the world and the Western section of it. The intent of this book is to help people examine themselves and make the necessary change to make society a more comfortable place to live.

(2011, paperback, 280 pages)


Abusive Women Especially In Marriage (PDF)
Abusive Women Especially In Marriage (PDF)

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