AMANA: Voice of the Mountain

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~ AMANA ~ Voice of the Mountain
by OSOLE One Source of Life Eternal

~ AMANA ~ Voice of the Mountain is a compilation of truths, many in parable form. Allow the text to serve as a spiritual outline in bringing about fuller self-alignment with the Universe. Unlike man-made laws which often tend to be self-serving and ever-changing, the principles shared herein are enduring.

As Earth shifts and changes, i.e.; earthquakes, tornados, floods, volcanic activity etc., and as more data regarding less-than-honorable power-heads continues to surface, mankind will resort to an inward search, access deep innate wisdom already possessed to again remember this is where truth, guidance, peace and comfort is found.

AMANA extends new and/or alternative thoughts and concepts to assist readers in achieving greater personal/soul growth and development. This short presentation is simply written and devoid of superfluous wordage making for easy, quick yet meaningful reading. Sections contain powerful messages and are multi-layered (as is often the case with truth) to accommodate diverse levels of understanding.

Writing imbued with living-experience-substance carries an energy which impacts readers differently than theoretical material. ~ AMANA ~ Voice of the Mountain is such a text. It is intentionally laced and graced with love which is capable of reaching into and touching hearts as well as minds and is conveyed with sincere heartfelt blessings in behalf of OSOLE, One Source of Life Eternal. ~ AMANA ~ Voice of the Mountain is a short and simple spiritual outline to aid readers in achieving greater personal/soul growth and development.

Sections are easy to read in any order and contain layers of meaningful messages. For example; from page 4: "Although it sounds paradoxical; our experiences, memories and lives are not who we are for we have always been who we are once again becoming." Page 38 includes: "Separation no longer exists between physicality and spirituality and is now replaced with new reality."

May this composition provide beneficial accompaniment for readers during the return journey home to self.

About the Author

The Spiritual Center, currently doing business as: OSOLE (One Source of Life Eternal), is a non-denominational, non-profit organization created as a loving tribute and memorial for a dear healer, teacher and friend. Since its inception the premise has been to extend hope, healing, inspiration, guidance and support; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As founder and president of the corporation and even prior to ordination, Irene has served as spiritual life-coach/counsel freely sharing through written and spoken messages, insights attained during quiet communion with Source.

~ AMANA ~ Voice of the Mountain is delivered in behalf of OSOLE and is another means by which to assist mankind during the spiritual journey.

(2012, paperback, 60 pages)


AMANA: Voice of the Mountain (PDF)
AMANA: Voice of the Mountain (PDF)

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