The Angel in Burka

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The Angel in Burka
by Jackie Good

The Angel in Burka is specifically written to raise questions such as:

Is the Egyptian government behind the constant attacks on Christian minorities in both cities and provinces?
Is the international community aware of the extent of the link between Egyptian government, local and foreign terrorist cells, as well as other Egyptian military agents?

The other important topic is women rights in the Islamic world and the extent of damage it has on the global women movement in general and on the Christian community specifically. What are the consequences if it is left as is?

One of the most important ideas in this book is the constant tactics of Islamization that began in 650 A.D and are still being used to both wipe a civilization from the inside as well as intimidate groups into submission. Finally, is it a major issue, or is it as what some Muslims claim only an "ethnic strife" not often happening?

Read this book and determine for yourself. All of the brutal events are based on true experiences of fifteen girls that were in the news recently.

About the Author

Jackie Good is a native of Egypt and has lived in the United States with her family for over 20 years. She has extensive education in social science education, as well as international political science. She had taught in a wide range of educational settings. She is extremely passionate about human rights issues and minorities equal rights. She is currently working for NGO based in Egypt. Her mission is to bring the world attention to the plight of the Coptics in the Middle East in general and in Egypt specifically.

(2012, paperback, 54 pages)


The Angel in Burka (PDF)
The Angel in Burka (PDF)

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