Apache Springs and Other Short Stories

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Apache Springs and Other Short Stories
by Samme Gallaher Darnall

Samme Gallaher Darnall has always loved to read short stories. As a consequence, many of the tales she loves to spin fit perfectly into this genre. Over the last century, she has lived in many places, both urban and remote, where she has met many interesting characters. Those varied and vivid memories have inspired these stories.

About the Author

At the age of 90, Samme Gallaher Darnall began writing down the stories she had carried in her mind and heart for her whole life. As a teenager, she lived in the wilderness of Alaska for two years, and now she has written two books based on her adventures there, as well as another book based on her great-grandmother, who was stolen by Comanches and later freed by the mountain man, John Hawken. In January, 2012, Samme celebrated a century of living. She resides in Thousand Oaks, CA with her niece, Geri Mankey, and Geri's husband Earle.

Other Books by the Author:

Sisters: Coming of Age and Living Dangerously in the Wild Copper River Valley

Moonlight Madness

Captives: Sold for a Horse and a Mule

(2013, paperback, 78 pages)


Apache Springs and Other Short Stories (eBook)
Apache Springs and Other Short Stories (eBook)

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