Backside Itch

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Backside Itch
by Kathleen Rafferty

Backside Itch is a humorous work of non- fiction. The “backside” is the barn area where thoroughbreds are made ready to race. Backside Itch is about the everyday life behind the scenes of racing, where it is all about the horses and their well-being.

What does it take to be a “good hand” with racehorses? Join the author as she learns to speak “horse,” from hot walker to groom, with no experience, just a love for horses. Take the journey, learn, if you don’t know, remember, if you already know, or, nod knowingly, if you are living the life.

About the Author

The author has a BS and MA in Education. After leaving teaching at the age of 30, the author became a seeker of life experiences and knowledge. These choices include, but are not limited to: tending and managing a dancer bar, working on the race track, an active crew member for flight operations at the airport, and performing the duties of a flight attendant/coordinator. All positions held, resulted in certification and advancement.

The author currently volunteers at a therapeutic riding academy, helping those challenged, to feel unrestrained and happy astride a horse.

(2013, paperback, 60 pages)


Backside Itch (eBook)
Backside Itch (eBook)

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