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by Juanita M. LaPorta

In this book, we meet Amanda, a woman who does Civil War reenacting. She has only read about Sherman, Grant, Lee, and of course, Lincoln. She has always wished she could meet them.

While at a reenactment, a cannon misfires. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the Civil War, where she gets to meet the all of these historical figures and many more. She gets to hear the Gettysburg Address firsthand. She even saves Lincoln‘s life, and he and his wife, Mary, get to retire to their Springfield home.

She meets her soul mate, Josh, another time traveler, but they have problems getting together. Will they get to live out their dreams and open a school for Civil War re-enactors? Or will they be forever pursuing each other throughout the years?


Juanita M. LaPorta loves to do Civil War reenactment, and to write this book, she drew upon her own experiences and incorporated them into this historical novel. She often wishes she could travel back in time to see the war for herself. She is interested in herbs and their uses.

A married resident of Florida, she and her husband survived four hurricanes in six weeks.

(2005, paperback, 224 pages)

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Back to a Simpler Time [E-book edition]

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