Beautiful Aspects

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Beautiful Aspects
by Ms. Asema Baig

In Beautiful Aspects, the author shares her thoughts, experiences, life, faith, and the world and beyond.

"The Clown" is a literary snapshot capturing Ms. Baig's pleasant childhood:

It was a beautiful day
The sky wasn't gray
With the sun shining
And the birds flying
In the beautiful garden, right by the pond
I saw a funny, little clown

In "The Changing Seasons," the author juxtaposes and shares her positive views on nature and her faith:

Autumn, summer, winter, or spring
Doesn't matter what the seasons bring
We praise Allah in every season
Because there are plenty of reasons

"Guilt" is a literary window into Ms. Baig's innermost thoughts:

I wonder where all the time has gone
Why are the days so prolonged?
As I look at the setting sun in the sky
And wonder what in my future may lie

Beautiful Aspects may appeal to readers seeking to go on a literary odyssey along another's introspections concerning the tangible and intangible dimensions of life.

(2012, paperback, 56 pages)


Beautiful Aspects (PDF)
Beautiful Aspects (PDF)

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