The Bluff

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The Bluff
by Maggie T.

Mention ‘the Bluff’ anywhere along the Mississippi coast and chances are people will know where you are talking about. It consists of a quick stop and liquor store, a boat launch and bait shop. There is a pumping station, a community of houseboat dwellers and a waterfront subdivision. The centerpiece of the area and ‘the Bluff’ most often referred to, is a roadhouse bar that features cold beer, slate pool tables and cheap well drinks.

Five nights a week a solid, Southern rock band plays host to a who’s who list of unvarnished local talent. It has the unsavory reputation as the place to be. It has been like that for twenty-five years. Out back is a permanently occupied, eight-unit motel. The rent is cheap and the livin’ is easy.

About the Author

Maggie T. is an uninhibited 69 year-old with stories to tell. She has been everywhere and done everything and so far she has never been arrested!!

(2013, paperback, 170 pages)


The Bluff (eBook)
The Bluff (eBook)

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