Book of Poems (2) / Larry's World / Day by Day

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Book of Poems (2) / Larry's World / Day by Day
by Larry Bowman

As before, this book is about the events, feeling and thoughts of my life. This book deals with primarily the last three years of my working career and few months into my retirement. Some parts of the book may need to be rated PG for language. I hope you find the poems to be enjoyable and helpful to your life. There is a tribute to 9/11.

About the Author

An unknown fact: I became an alcoholic at a young age while in high school. I worked some government jobs. I wasn't drinking every day. I started to write in 1988 while homeless. I got married, got a job with the government, and didn't drink for a year. While still working I started drinking again in 1989. I drank until August 21, 1993. I stopped smoking on June 30, 1996. Now I'm alcohol-free for eighteen years and smoke-free for fifteen years. I hope my story about alcohol will help someone.

(2012, paperback, 76 pages)


Book of Poems (2) / Larry's World / Day by Day (PDF)
Book of Poems (2) / Larry's World / Day by Day (PDF)

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