The Book of Life

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by JAL

Many people do not understand the significance of the life of Jesus; however, he continues to be the most famous person to have lived. What did he do that was so significant? What did he do that has so many people worshipping him these two thousand years later? JAL has the answer.

Jesus made it his goal to lead a perfect life. He picked up the Jewish scriptures and began preaching to thousands of people. He was such a good speaker that he became a political figure. Other political figures began to view him as a threat and ordered that he be killed. Jesus knew this, but he didn’t resist and didn’t hide.

During the Last Supper, the disciples cornered him and said, “Teacher, you have done nothing but spread a message of unconditional love, and there are many people coming to kill you. What should we do?” Jesus said, “You should love and respect everyone, under all circumstances, while doing your best to lead a sinless life.”

Following this example of doing your best to love and respect everyone, while trying to lead a sinless life, is the key to success in everything we do as humans.


Born in 1974, JAL asks the question, “Have you ever received a gift on Christmas?” Yes? Why is that? Why do so many people receive gifts on someone else’s birthday? Are you interested in realizing your role in these times?

The time has come to reveal the word of God.

(2005, paperback, 34 pages)

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