The Borrowed Servant of an Empress

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by Gretchen Wellman Buendia

At the turn of the twentieth century, India is a dangerous place, and Lord Kelwyn knows that better than anyone. He’s lived there before, working for his beloved England as an ambassador for the British Government. But this time, the dangers are tenfold. He must deliver a treasure worth 2,000,000 British pounds to the Maharaja of Joudpoor and return—alive. But the Maharaja isn’t interested in paying for the jewels and has dispatched the captain of the Palace Guard to steal the gems at all costs.

The Borrowed Servant of an Empress starts aboard the Seigfried, Lord Kelwyn’s yacht and home for many years. The vessel is sailing through the dark seas of the Indian Ocean when Lord Kelwyn is offered the chance to help save the French Monarchy by selling the crown jewels to the only person they know is rich enough to afford them. And due to his sterling reputation, Empress Eugenie has personally requested that Kelwyn convey the jewels across India. And to aid him, she has sent her personal assistant, Edwarde Le Mont. They will hopefully be successful and be able to save the French Monarchy from collapsing and return with their lives.


Gretchen Wellman Buendia shares her home in Georgia with her beloved shitzu/poodle, Charlie. Gretchen enjoys playing improvisations on the pipe organ and electronic keyboards. She is presently working on a contemporary adult book and a children’s book. Two books of poetry of hers were published several years ago.

(2007, paperback, 134 pages)

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The Borrowed Servant of an Empress [E-book edition]
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