Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts: An Anthology of Sermons

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Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts: An Anthology of Sermons
by Bishop Cynthia King Bolden-Gardner, J.D.

CAKE, CRUMBS & CRUSTS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF SERMONS is exactly what it says. My grandmother was an accomplished baker. As a child I sat in wonder and amazement at her culinary delights and the joy they brought to customers, family, and friends on holidays and other special occasions. I was a child, not yet school age. I sat on a high chair in absolute fascination, literally drooling over the confectionary miracles. My grandmother "Bigma" adored me. I became her official sampler. She took miniature pastry cups and filled them with samples of whatever she was preparing. I would inform her whether they "passed inspection."

As I grew older and answered my call, I found the same relationship with the Almighty. He had all of the "sweets," all of the great and mighty things that we do not know. As I sit at the Saviour's feet, I enjoy slices of the cakes, grab a crumb or two on the run, and eat the crusts of the pies He shares in His Word, thus the title. Like the woman asking for the crumbs that fall from the table, I know that I am not worthy, nevertheless, He uses me.

So enjoy the pastry cups filled with confections-sermons for every liturgical season. They are sure to delight preachers, passionate hungry Christians, and the novice seeking a starting point for a new sermon. Be Blessed.

About the Author

Bishop Cynthia King Bolden Gardner, J.D. is the Presiding Prelate of the Eastern Jurisdiction of the National Regeneration Fellowship of Christian Churches, which has a San Diego base, founded by Bishop Annie B. Campbell-Pitre and presided over with her husband, Lonnie Pitre.

Bishop Gardner is also the founder of Greater Love & Liberty Christian Church in Carthage, Ms., where her husband, Bennie C. Gardner, Sr., is the Pastor. They direct the King's Kids Bootcamp, a program for the spiritual, mental and social development of inner city youth, and the Leake County Youth Branch of the NAACP.

Bishop Gardner is an alumni of Mercyhurst Preparatory School for Girls, the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and the School of Law at Georgetown University. Prior to becoming a Bishop, she was trained in the Missionary Baptist Church and the AME church where she was ordained an Itinerant Elder and served 19 years. Bishop Gardner has also authored the compilation KINGDOM SEED (WOMAN! BEHOLD THYSELF!, CASTAWAY CRADLES, LOT: GENERATIONAL MUTATIONS, MISCREANT SEED: CARNIVOROUS CHRISTIANITY, MUSTARD SEED MUSCLE, SEED PLANTING THE HEAVENS), ACCEPTED IN THE BELOVED, SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM, and THREE C'S FOR THE SEASONED TRIAL LAWYER.

(2012, paperback, 436 pages)


Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts: An Anthology of Sermons (PDF)
Cakes, Crumbs & Crusts: An Anthology of Sermons (PDF)

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