Ceo-Lian, A Living Widow

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Ceo-lian, A Living Widow
by Shiao-shen Yu

Ceo-lian, A Living Widow is a tragic Chinese love story set in the nineteenth century. It is the folk story of the older couple depicted in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Lee Mo-bai falls in love with Yu Ceo-lian, but she is promised to marry Mon Zhi-an who is a wanted criminal and travels incognito. He dies from fighting Lee's enemies. Lee Mo-bai feels that he cannot marry Yu Ceo-lian under these circumstances.

Though Yu Ceo-lian has never met her fiancÚ, she becomes "a living widow." She is the victim of an unreasonable and superstitious custom.

About the Author

Shiao-shen Yu is a retired teacher-librarian who enjoys sharing her Chinese background through essays and stories. She taught classes of Chinese language and culture in Pueblo, Colorado, and Boston, Massachusetts. Born in Northern China, she was educated in Taiwan and Canada. Ms. Yu currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Yu wrote columns about Chinese customs and culture for The Pueblo Chieftain, a daily newspaper in Pueblo, Colorado. A collection of columns and selected short stories, Chinese Chop Suey, was published in December 2010. Her first novel, A Pledge under the Willow Tree, will be published soon.

(2011, paperback, 166 pages)


Ceo-Lian, A Living Widow (PDF)
Ceo-Lian, A Living Widow (PDF)

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