Chongtu: Conflict

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Chongtu (Conflict)
by Patrena Dawkins-Anderson Chongtu

Chongtu-conflict is based on the inner struggles Linnet faces. It took love to win her, depicted by a man from another culture, foreign to the Jamaican culture, yet not totally. Huy, a Chinese and a Christian, realizes that he will not win Linnet easily, but with his adamant nature, he believes she will be his. He knows, despite the odds, that this is the woman God has for him.

Huy brought out the best in Linnet and also the worst-in the form of her battles, which unearthed the hidden past, this she has to overcome in order to do what God wants her to do and to allay the confusions she faces.

Linnet is now at a crossroads where she must decide to be the Victor or the Victim. She has accepted Huy's proposal, but an outer force threatens their relationship. According to Chinese culture, the family is cherished; this is a challenge for Linnet and Huy, as Linnet fears that she may not have children, due to an illness. She must make a decision that is best for them.

About the Author

Patrena Dawkins-Anderson was born at the Spanish Town hospital on December 10, 1974. She went to school at the age of six and afterwards she attended the Calvary Prep School, Kitson Town All-age School for one term and St. Jago Cathedral Preparatory school in 1985. Afterwards she was successful in the Common Entrance Exam, which placed her at the St. Jago High school. From there she went to the Shortwood Teachers' College to pursue a career in teaching science.

Patrena married Shawn Anderson in 2008. She has a beautiful daughter, Amarisa Anderson. Patrena is presently a teacher

(2012, paperback, 166 pages)


Chongtu: Conflict (PDF)
Chongtu: Conflict (PDF)

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