Co-Op City's Cooking, Working Tomorrow: SET!

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Co-Op City's Cooking, Working Tomorrow: SET! by Clifton J. Berry

This book is a summary of recipes I have created or experienced while working. Hear ye, hear ye, lead man Long Leather. Trenched! Ignorance of his rice recipes has moved me to listen to budgeting satisfactory weight. Marijuana and married people don't mix but are mixed, although there are bumps and irritation from mosquitoes.

Dereck always showed me to have food in my house (his mother)-chicken cold cuts and, no doubt, cheese. Girboud is a faithful grapevine doer of the honey milk that comes from my existence. Co-Op City's Cooking, Working Tomorrow: SET! and the police there will drop their jobs to the word if the bad is not a turn.

About the Author

I have a game to those telling me that it is too much salt. Salt is wage. How much do I make? Working without your own lunch is a state of mind, which is a theft to the woman with her lunch. I commit myself to bring my steak sauce for my steak. My friend Pablo Suazo will always be on my shoulder, telling me I can have some girlies at the age of 21! Spirit is high, maintenance lies, porter on the rise, to show!

Wash your feet, Marco Senses. Jesus' feet were cleaned by women. "He is just a man," she probably said! Knowing you come from the Father has to be a dream, every day walking to the day of death. As long as it is not there! Here I am, teaching more love to the lovers who are not capable of making it to the afterlife on Earth. Clean animals, fruit, and resurrected people who yearn Jehovah's love. Hate to love. Happy spiders, I forgot the glove!

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)


Co-Op City's Cooking, Working Tomorrow: SET! (PDF)
Co-Op City's Cooking, Working Tomorrow: SET! (PDF)

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