The Cowan Clan: Life at Somerset Circle

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The Cowan Clan: Life at Somerset Circle by T. Hughey

The Cowan Clan chronicles the lives of three young children whose teenage mother died from bone cancer. At the request of their mother before she passed, the children are raised by their great-aunt and great-uncle; however, the great-uncle does not want the children in his home. Tension rises between the great-aunt and great-uncle, who is physically, and mentally abusive to the children, unbeknownst to his wife at first. In addition to the great-uncle's rejection, the children also struggle with the knowledge their birth father never attempted to gain custody of them and blatantly refuses to be in their lives.

About the Author

Originally, I hail from Knoxville, Tennessee. In 1996, upon graduating from Livingstone College, located in Salisbury, North Carolina, I moved to the nation's capitol. My desire to write grew after my mom asked me to submit an entry on her behalf to The Knoxville New Sentinel's Mother Day contest. After my entry won, allowing my mom to be honored at a banquet, she asked me if I ever considered writing as a profession. With no formal training beyond a self-help book, the idea came shortly afterwards to write a script, Somerset Circle, upon which I based my book, The Cowan Clan.

(2012, paperback, 52 pages)


The Cowan Clan: Life at Somerset Circle (PDF)
The Cowan Clan: Life at Somerset Circle (PDF)

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