Company Honorman

Company Honorman
Item# ISBN9780805981377

by Al Johnson

This story tells of an unwilling but patriotic recruit determined to satisfy his military obligation to serve his country in the 1960s. Caught between the humbled career military veterans of the Korean conflict and the growing “Make Love Not War” movement of his peers, his loyalty to his country was constantly tested.

His one hundred days of basic training in the U.S. Navy, where strong military discipline and recruits going AWOL were common, provides the readers with the never before disclosed downfall of military honor.

The married recruit of only two months uses tact and diplomacy to survive a winter at Great Lakes Naval Receiving Station and to be awarded the honors of Company 69.

The names appearing in this documentary are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to any sailor, officer, or person serving at Great Lakes Naval Receiving Station and the U.S. Navy or Marines after January of 1962 is purely coincidental.


Never one to dodge a challenge, All Johnson has lived his life to the fullest. Growing up as a young child in Arkansas during World War II, he was a patriot of a country united. As he progressed through life, the country divided. His political involvement provided him with greater insight into the fragile nature of destiny.

Now, this man wants to share a part of his life with you as a recruit in the U.S. Navy.

(2005, paperback, 142 pages)

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