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by M. Jay Williams

The exciting Hallowed Bloodline series is continued with M. Jay Williams' second book, Conundrum. Twenty years have passed since the ending of Us vs. Them. Jared Mason is now an adult hell-bent on avenging his family—even if it means changing the past.

Jared travels back in time to prevent another witch from changing the course of history. His success depends on his being able to defend his family's honor and save those most important to him. The only problem is that someone he cares deeply about might be wiped from existence if he is successful.

About the Author

M. Jay Williams was always intrigued by the possibility of time travel. He started "The Hallowed Bloodline" series on a dare and is now working on the third book in the series. M. Jay is a life-long resident of Connecticut; when not dreaming up new characters, he likes to cruise along the CT shoreline and pick up new ideas for his books.

M. Jay was inspired to write by his many interests and likes to put a little of himself' in each book and enjoys it when someone notices a particular passage that relates to a life event.

(2012, papeback, 164 pages)


Conundrum (PDF)
Conundrum (PDF)

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