Collection of Poetry

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Collection of Poetry
by Gerald M. Lewis

The fertility of this copy is to facilitate, and create nourishment that will help bring fourth productive and prosperous attitude. Why not allow positive thoughts to prevail into your minds? Why not let your thoughts reach a higher level, to erect, and maintain high esteem!!! Sifting out of the mind useless thoughts, and behaviors, to help bring fourth a positive attitude, towards yourself, and others.

When showing any form of concern, and compassion, for someone, usually, in return, you will expect, to receive, the beauty of that personís love, flowing back to you. If everyone was a teacher, where would the students be? Remember knowledge is power, so use it wisely.

About the Author

Gerald M. Lewis was born in the very small town of Winstonville, Mississippi. His father, Moses I. Lewis, was the mayor from 1974 to 1977. His mother, Evelyn M. Lewis, worked as a Lab-Technician at Toborian Hospital.

Lewis attended school in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. He has seven sisters, and four brothers. He has three wonderful children, two sons and one daughter. Lewis loves farm work of all kind, including mechanic, heavy equipment, carpentry, welding, artwork, and inventing things.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)


Collection of Poetry (eBook)
Collection of Poetry (eBook)

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