The Coded Universe: The Path to Eternity

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The Coded Universe - The Path to Eternity
by Ernest Saul

The Coded Universe addresses a number of issues that concern our Universe and its continued existence. That survival also includes us humans, in where we are and what would happen to us if certain circumstances would prevail. It is all fictionalized. However the author has extrapolated from real scientific data in some instances and has used this as a foundation for his fictional account here.

In this story, humans interact with aliens to form a new inter-universe species; some humans leave earth to settle in other galaxies and planets, and even cross over into other universes. What is driving this movement, what is physically reshaping the universe as we know it, and what else do we not know that is out there? This book explores these scenarios and seeks to place us in events that we have so far only imagined.

Can all this possibly happen; maybe not. But this story takes us on an adventurous journey of mystique that gets unlocked as we traverse the universe with the characters portrayed here , to leave us in a state of wonder and awe that only a good story can do. This is the first book in a series to follow The Coded Universe story line.

About the Author

Nakedi Mbabama is a published author and entrepreneur. He is a South African currently living in Cape Town. He is married to Nothemba and has three children. His interests range from publishing, computing, academia, politics and now extend to astronomy and astrophysics. He enjoys the leisure of writing and the quality time he spends with his loved ones.

Nakedi writes under the pseudonym of Ernest Saul in this book. This is his first venture into the science fiction genre of writing.

(2013, paperback, 172 pages)


The Coded Universe (eBook)
The Coded Universe (eBook)

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