Cracked, Broken, Shattered...Vessel of Honor: Book I: Birth to Bahamas

Item# ISBN9780805980486

by Vanessa L. Jones

When she was saved, Vanessa L. Jones was told that when she got saved, her hands would be new, so would her feet, and everything would be just great! But she found that not to be true.

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen to you? Did you know everything that happens to you from the time you are born affects you? The way you are loved when you are a child or abused can be with you for the rest of your life!

This book is a true story (although the names have been changed), a daily journal of the things that happened to Vanessa Jones and how they affected her life. You will be amazed that in this day and time someone can be so transparent. In this book you will see the power of God at work…even in times of pain. You will see how God took a cracked, broken, shattered woman and made her into a vessel of honor.


Vanessa L. Jones’s goal is to write books that will help others through trials and tribulations. Her life is an open book; she is transparent and real. She desires that everyone would know that God loves them and a good plan for their lives. She recently graduated from the William Tynedale Bible College with a bachelor’s in church music.

Vanessa was born the second child of six in Columbus, Ohio. She has three daughter, Enjolena, Shwntay, and LaToya. She has two grandchildren, Julius and Maya. She currently resides in Detroit, Michigan, where she works for the U.S. Postal Service and directs the choir at her church.

(2005, paperback, 138 pages)

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Cracked, Broken, Shattered...Vessel of Honor: Book I: Birth to Bahamas [E-book edition]
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