Cracked, Broken, Shattered Vessel of Honor…Book 5: Am I Virtuous Yet?

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Cracked, Broken, Shattered Vessel of Honor…Book 5: Am I Virtuous Yet?
by Vanessa L. Jones

Vanessa was sure she had found "the one." She had prayed about him, he had prayed about her, and they both came to the same conclusion: They were the one for each other. They were so happy and in love. They talked on the phone for hours at a time. They would talk on their cell phones while they were in the car and would say, "I'll talk to you later; I am going in the house" (they couldn't hold the phone and open the door). As soon as they got in the house, they called one another.

He wanted the "fairytale" love story. She wanted the "fairytale" love story. You know, where boy meets girl and they get married and live happily ever after! The only thing wrong is the fairytale love stories have a beginning and an end. You don't see the middle. You don't see the struggles they face.

It is just like being a Christian. God knows our beginning from our ending. He lets us know that when we believe Jesus was born of a virgin, died on the cross, and rose on the third day, and if we accept Him as our personal savior, we have a beginning, we are saved, we have an ending, and we spend eternity with Him. But what happens in the middle?

If we knew what we had to go through at the beginning, many would choose to walk away. But we have to walk through some things in order to be perfected, changed, and transformed into the image of Christ; it's a process! What will I have to go through to be a vessel of honor?

About the Author

Vanessa was born in Columbus, Ohio. She is the second child of six. She has three daughters: Enjolena, Shawntay, and LaToya. She also has three grandchildren: Julius, Maya, and Gabrielle. She currently resides in Detroit, Michigan. She has a fulltime job at the U.S. Postal Service and is the choir president at her church. She graduated from William Tyndale Bible College with a bachelor of arts in church music. She is currently attending Ashland Theological Seminary to obtain a master of arts in pastoral counseling.

She has kept journals of what God has done, the struggles she faced, the changes she went through, and the things that made her cry, laugh, shout, get angry, etc. Through it all, God kept her! Everyone has a story. We are an epistle read of all men. Will you share yours to help someone else? Journey with her as you see a vessel of honor in the making!

(2009, paperback, 130 pages)


Cracked, Broken, Shattered Vessel of Honor…Book 5: Am I Virtuous Yet? (e-book)
Cracked, Broken, Shattered Vessel of Honor…Book 5: Am I Virtuous Yet? (e-book)

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