A Crucial Mission

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A Crucial Mission
by Dr. Teddy Brodie Osantowski

This is a private investigator's roller coaster ride into danger, sex, murder, violence and political intrigue. He must fight treacherous forces that threaten to destroy him and the United States.

Though he creates a macho persona, he still can taste the fear of the unknown. He has myriad experiences of peril but cannot turn back from his crucial mission. Finally, he must perform an unthinkable task.

About the Author

Dr. Teddy Brodie Osantowski is a former teacher, education administrator, and college professor. She holds a doctorate degree in Learning Disabilities. She moved from Illinois to Nevada in 1999. She is a housewife who lives in Henderson, Nevada, USA, which is a nearby suburb of Las Vegas.

Dr. Osantowski has written four novels, two of which are published, The Little Survivor and The Black Landed Gentry of Montgomery County. She has completed two manuscripts, yet unpublished, "Year of the Unicorn," and "The Enigma."

(2012, paperback, 142 pages)


A Crucial Mission (PDF)
A Crucial Mission (PDF)

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