Curse of the Gold Cross

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Curse of the Gold Cross
by Terry Chandler

My name is Terry Chandler. I am a disabled American that retired from the federal government after twenty-six years of service.

I have been so blessed to have traveled the world. Every moment was like a story from the people I met. Now I would like to share with you a moment in time that still lives in my personal journey.

My inspiration for writing this story was based on an employee that I met while I was working in South Korea. My work leader recommend that the employee be fired. In the days to come I watched the employee closely, and, from what I could see, he was my best worker. I needed to find out what the real problem was, so I decided to have a meeting with him to hear his side of the story.

He started to tell me about his life. He said his mother gave birth to him after being raped in a camp where she was keep to satisfy Japanese soldiers. He said the Koreans hated him because they know who he is and how he came into this world. His face was a reminder of what once was. This grown man just cried like a child that was still in prison; but this time it was a prison of hate and his crime was living.

(2012, paperback, 242 pages)


Curse of the Gold Cross (PDF)
Curse of the Gold Cross (PDF)

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