Deprived Innocence

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Deprived Innocence
by D.E. Johnson

It was contrived from the uncaring, insane acts of man; not only towards men but also towards the Innocence of those too young to do anything for themselves. The author was awakened from deep sleep on many wee hours of the morn to write the words youíre about to read. The words are from God to man to cease the abuse of the Innocent Angels that be, or pay dearly for the evil acts put upon them. Because the words were given to the author in sleep, he feels that he is being used to send a message to the world. Allow the Innocent to be just that, and put an end to their corruption.

About the Author

David E. Johnson was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. He became a person of the street life until he was shot three times and spent a month in a trauma hospital in critical condition.

A spiritual calling came over Mr. Johnson, and the concern and well being of people; especially the children being denied their Innocence due to the Greed and Perversion of those in power. Godís guidance wrote this book and the author passes it on, exalting His word.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)


Deprived Innocence (eBook)
Deprived Innocence (eBook)

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