Demon Wars

Item# ISBN9780805982749

by James Polk

Our future takes us to our past. Man’s fear of the unknown becomes a fear of the known. Of all the plagues released by man’s ignorance, this was the one that almost destroyed him. Now we fight for our planet with little more than swords. Our battle comes from within, no longer from the outside alone. Demons lead us into temptation, but now they want us gone. The world will once again be a paradise without man. Depending on his disbelief, greed, prejudice, and mistrust, they hunt the last of us with our own help. Now it is a question if we can kill them before we kill each other. These are the writings of a mad man…or are they?


James Polk, native of Fairfax County, Virginia, now lives in northeast Tennessee with his wife, Jane. At forty-four, a hopeless dreamer and shiftless “lay-about” is how he would describe himself. “Writing is the only thing I can do that will not close, shut down, or have a surprise layoff until I die.” Although employed fulltime, he feels his writing is his true craft and profession.

Not only a serious author, he entertains with his words of wisdom, wit, and audience captivation. “I did my research on demons by marrying three different women; the last may see my death.”

His suggestion to his readers is even more tempting. “How can I explain how twisted I am unless you open this book?”

(2006, paperback, 244 pages)

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