Devil's Lover

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Devil's Lover
by Seedy Bojang

Devil's Lover is an exciting account of a girl possessed; once you are set to read, it keeps you moving at the dynamics of certain complicated issues.

The author, Seedy Bojang, creates a character that pulls at emotions to make one feel and sense how evil spirits work in the womb of society.

It is a portrayal of the stigma associated with someone being perceived to be possessed by demonic powers.

"The tale really makes a difference."
-The Independent Critic

About the Author

The author, Seedy Bojang, studied and works in journalism, specializing in research and writing. He has worked as editor and proofreader in a number of Gambian newspapers, before moving to Denmark as a writer-in-residence.

Other books by the same author include The Changing World, ABC Of Journalism, Bumpy Journey, Tip Of The Iceberg, Shadow From My Past, and Our Tears And Sorrows.

(2012, paperback, 50 pages)


Devil's Lover (PDF)
Devil's Lover (PDF)

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