Downside of Nutrition Part I

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Downside of Nutrition Part I
by Dr. Maxwell Nartey, DHM, NHD

This book is a passionate discussion of the demerits of methylxanthines in tea and coffee, cyanide in corn and flaxseed, sulfamethazine in drugged meats, oxalates in spinach, chlortetracycline in drugged chickens, etc. These natural and synthetic chemicals keep making people sick, and yet nutritionists are not drawing the public's attention to them.

Downside of Nutrition Part I is ringing the alarm bells about what is in the foods we love so that individuals stop making dietary and lifestyle mistakes.

About the Author

Dr. Maxwell Nartey is a British-trained doctor of homoeopathic medicine. He split from homoeopathy, went on to have a doctorate in Natural Health (Clayton College), and conducted post-doctoral chromatographic research on foods, drugs, and consumer items. Then he founded symptometry.

His application of quantum physics to anatomy helped him to find a unique way to cure and prevent diseases by ionizing blockages from the cells and by nourishing the cells.

He is a regular contributor to the Anita L. Collins radio show at WGNU Talk Radio, 920 am, St. Louis, Missouri. The show discusses children's mental health issues.

(2012, paperback, 84 pages)


Downside of Nutrition Part I (PDF)
Downside of Nutrition Part I (PDF)

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