Enchanted Destiny: Awaken

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Enchanted Destiny: Awaken
by J. David

Lithia is a vast and beautiful world filled with magic and wonder. But this once peaceful world has been ensnared in the grip of clashing sinister forces. The skies are slowly darkening as Gelaraphus, the dark emperor from the continent of Shadowraith, begins vying for power.

Only one obstacle remains- the young warrior Jace and his friends. To rid himself of this impediment, the vile emperor sends two of his minions to attack the enchanted sanctuary where Jace and his family dwell. During the attack the young warrior's lover Lanlia and their two children are horribly taken from him. Now in the midst of his sorrow he must stand strong and strike back against the emperor and save the world. Jace rallies his friends, four compassionate and skilled maidens, and his mentor the sage wizard Tathos. Each of them must face their own challenges and grow and change in the group's endeavor to keep the light of hope from being extinguished.

Will Jace discover the root of his own inner powers that are somehow linked to his enigmatic past? Only time will tell if Jace and his friends will triumph over evil.

About the Author

I've always enjoyed writing. I first found I had a flare for writing when I poured my creativity into school writing assignments. My teachers often said I had a very nice style of writing.

Now, after more than 13 years, I've decided to make it more than a hobby. Two years ago I wrote my first full-length novel: Enchanted Destiny: Awaken. This is the first book of a series and I have material to do additional books.

My family, friends and co-workers have encouraged me to complete this book and get it published. I only hope in time that I can share my stories with people all over the world.

(2012, paperback, 276 pages)


Enchanted Destiny: Awaken (PDF)
Enchanted Destiny: Awaken (PDF)

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