eternity awareness series: 1: OVERCOMING DECEPTION

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eternity awareness series:

This book is the first in the eternity awareness series designed to awaken humanity to the reality that no human being has terminal life. Death here on earth does not terminate our souls. It only opens the gate from life in the flesh to life in the spirit. Some of the things the devil does in attempts to destroy the peace of humanity in eternity and some of the ways to subdue him are what this book, OVERCOMING DECEPTION, is all about.

About the Author

The author, TOPE WALEOLA, is the son of a subsistence farmer and drummer by name, Elijah Akinbanji Waleola. His mother goes by the name Esther Olayiwola Waleola (Nee Owonikoko). Both parents hail from Efon Alaaye in Ekiti State of Nigeria. TOPE WALEOLA is a teacher in the Sunday school department of Holy Ghost Fire Apostolic Church, Nigeria. He is also a student of Holy Ghost Bible College, Ikorodu, Nigeria. He is married to Funmilayo Waleola (Nee Olowokere), and they are blessed with three children: Olumayowa, Oluseyi, and Olufisayo.

(2010, paperback, 92 pages)

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