Every Black Man's Struggle

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Every Black Man's Struggle
by Sgt. James R. Willis

The author grew up in a two-parent home on the northside of Chicago in an area known as Cabrini Green Projects. His parents gave birth to 10 children. Four brothers and five sisters. Willis is the oldest child.

Willisí father was a World War II hero at Iwo Jima in the Philippines where he was marooned for three years awaiting the return of the late General Douglas McArthur in 1945. He distinguished himself on rescue missions of American prisoners and special assignments during the ongoing battles against the Japanese in the Philippine Islands. He returned home and married the authorís mother who was an elementary school teacher and a missionary. Willisí father always wanted to be a police officer in Chicago and achieved this goal prior to his demise in 1976. He was an American hero.

The author was unable to afford college and decided to volunteer for military service with plans to enter college upon completion of military obligations. This landed him in the middle of the Vietnam Era War at a place called Phan Rang Vietnam from 1968-1969 where he served as a medical corpsman.

Upon returning to the United States, Willis went to Southern Illinois University and received both B.S. and M.S. degrees. He worked at a pharmaceutical company named Schering-Plough, in the State of Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services as a Senior Rehabilitation Counselor, and as a licensed minister in the Drug and Alcohol Ministry, Radio Ministry, Prison Ministry, and Nursing Home Ministry.

Willis has been active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Disabled Veterans Organization, Wounded Warriors Organization, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. His greatest ambition was to serve the needy and lost. God Bless America.

(2013, paperback, 30 pages)


Every Black Man's Struggle (eBook)
Every Black Man's Struggle (eBook)

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