Expressions for Life

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Expressions for Life
by Eric McMillan, Man of God

This book is a semi-autobiographical, self-help book primarily designated for adolescents in middle and high school who are attempting to determine their paths in life. The author, like so many young people, had no direction and ambition to guide his difficult and, at times, destructive path. He offers advice by focusing on past failures in his life so the readers can avoid the same pitfalls that made success so elusive at an early age. The prevailing theme is that young people have the best likelihood to obtain success and fulfill their God-given potential if they identify their strengths and passions early in life. Once they are identified, young people must exhibit planning and undeniable work ethic to make those dreams a reality. This cliché formula is articulated in a candid, unusual method that will resonate with young people.

About the Author

Eric McMillan (aka Man of God, "ghost writer" name) is an aspiring author and entrepreneur born in Charlotte, North Carolina, and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He has worked numerous jobs throughout the United States in the private sector and spent time in the military and as a federal civilian employee. He is currently single with no children and strives to continue to inspire "lost souls" to persevere and overcome adversity to reach and achieve their ultimate potential.

(2011, paperback, 50 pages)


Expressions for Life (PDF)
Expressions for Life (PDF)

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