A Flagger's Journey

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A Flagger's Journey
by "P.E." & Dr. Blake Steidler

Pastor Edwards or "RE." has been the ghostwriter for Dr. Steidler since 2005. He has successfully published Beef Up My What? and Mary's Contractions. Both novels ended up winning the Blueberry Awards at the "Yeah Right" festival in Whoville, PA.

"P.E." is only lmm tall, extremely delirious, and crazier than a cockroach. He lives alone in a cranium the size of a golf ball located somewhere in the back of Dr. Steidler's head. Dr. Steidler has been getting on "P.E."'s case about his discontinuation of his psychotropical medication. "P.E." assures Dr. Steidler that nobody can tell him what to do and he is determined to go a whole year without his meds in order to become eligible to join the military. So far it's been six months.

About Dr. Blake Steidler

Dr. Blake Steidler is a noteworthy professor at Big Johns University in Jokersville, PA. He is also the original founder of the Hands Down Law firm. The firm successfully acquitted 139 college graduates facing terrorist charges for throwing snappers at an angry mob of gay activists seeking double coupon rights at their local Starbucks.

Dr. Steidler has received six Academy Awards throughout the East Coast for the Quiet Seat prize in Sunday School and was the first male doctor to discover the cure for PMS.

Growing up in a family of big shot lawyers, state senators, and rent-a-cops, has been difficult for Dr. Steidler, but he continues to thrive. He has an imaginary wife, an imaginary goldfish named Cleo, and six children trying to drag him onto the Springer Show for a paternity test. He resides in Lancaster County, under the careful watch of an alien.

(2012, paperback, 54 pages)


A Flagger's Journey (PDF)
A Flagger's Journey (PDF)

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