French-American Class: Itís a Long Way to France

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French-American Class: Itís a Long Way to France
by Andrť Girod

In 1970, as a college professor confronted with the decline of the teaching of foreign languages in America, Andrť Girod thought of a well known program in France for fifth graders: "the Snow class." He decided to offer an opportunity to American fifth graders to participate and travel to France. The "French-American Class" became a huge success in schools districts. Forty thousand American fifth-graders went to France and forty thousand French children came to America. It was the largest ever exchange program in the United States.

This book is their story, their adventure as children of ten years of age. The program now has made friends forever.

About the Author

Andrť Girod, a French native, studied at the Sorbonne and became a teacher specializing in the teaching of French in foreign countries. He has traveled to over 100 countries. In 1959, he came to America as a Fulbright scholar. In 1965 he was offered a position at Coe College, Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Facing the decline of the teaching of French in the 1970s, Girod founded the "French-American class." Thousands of American children went to France. The program of French children coming to America touched close to one million elementary students throughout the USA.

Girod has retired and share his time between the USA and Europe, publishing, painting and making mosaics. He is an artist of all trades.

This book is the first one published in America.

(2012, paperback, 126 pages)


French-American Class: Itís a Long Way to France (PDF)
French-American Class: Itís a Long Way to France (PDF)

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