The Future Affects The Past: What Destination is Time Rushing to?

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The Future Affects The Past

by Tonnerre

Music and nature inspire my writings so I traveled extensively during the writing process of this book. I began writing this philosophy treatise at the heart of America by the banks of the Missouri River, where I used to drown myself in the magnificent music of the wilderness when I went on my evening walks. I would stroll solo in the woods and emerge to rest on a bench facing an ocean blue sky, and abysmal thoughts would come to me of their own accord like déjà vus. There, I would sit and sup on the cool evening breeze; and witness our great golden star fall behind the distant red horizon like a sinking ship, and the beatific and tragic sight of that dying day would fill me up with emotions. In that solitude where a person hears their own thoughts speak loudest, I would give into a deep ocean of contemplation, and examine the nature of the world like a tyrant beholding an atlas of the world. I would ask myself deep philosophical questions like “if a seed growing into a tree, and a tree growing into a forest is only a brief moment in the history of time, then how much shorter is my life in this world? And if earth is only a dust particle floating in the desert of space, then how infinitesimal am I in the infinite infinities and diversities of nature? Who or what put me in this island called earth? Am I just another artifact in the museum of the universe or am I something higher than a flower or a bird or a crystal?” I would compile thoughts until my thoughts thoughts reach the limit and my mind nearly faints from exhaustion. I read nature and wrote at the park until the moon rose and stars arrived to light up the heaven like an army of glowing fireflies. Portions of the book were written by the snowy mountain tops of Utah, and at the beaches of Lake Michigan whose pure blue water ebbs away and flows towards the windy metropolis of Chicago. I then traveled abroad to Africa to collect and recollect my thoughts in the primordial Garden of Eden in South Sudan with its billions of birds, animals, and insect’s chirping, buzzing, squealing, screaming, and singing in the orchestra of life playing in the theatre of Nature. I meditated and contemplated about life by the shores of Lake Victoria, which reflects the white clouds of Uganda’s clear sky in its surface like a gigantic mirror on the ground. Then, I went on an intellectual mecca to Europe, visiting intellectualistic sites like the British Library where Marx wrote the most consequential book of modernity. I also went to the British Museum and Oxford University to affirm and confirm the contents of this discourse. The book was actually edited in London. It is called “The Future Affects The Past” because the subject of déjà vu is the object the other subjects of the book revolve around. It was premeditated by fate before I was even born that I would script this book. Prior to taking my first breath of life; before my heart beat for the first time in this world, I already wrote this book, and it was a matter of time before destiny made it occur into actuality. Wisely so, I do not call this book my own, because I know that infinity is its source, just like the infinitely ancient and creative Nature is the source of all arts and inventions. Nature had copyright on all things. This book is an avalanche of past and present knowledge; it’s a culmination of precedent human wisdom; it’s a synthesis of the insights of many books and many minds. I am just a instrument used by greater Nature. Nature is a tremendous bow that shoots arrows from infinite distance away and infinite time ago, and I am only one of Nature’s arrows of fire who live to illuminate the dark world of ignorance with philosophical knowledge.

(2013, Paperback, 166 pages)


The Future Affects The Past: What Destination is Time Rushing to? (eBook)
The Future Affects The Past: What Destination is Time Rushing to? (eBook)

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