Gaurdian: Magical Armageddon

Gaurdian: Magical Armageddon
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Guardian: Magical Armageddon

When there is so little left you need the best to protect it. What if the legends and myths of old were based on truths and our world was once ruled by magic and filled with fantastic creatures? What if this world didn't simply disappear or fade away but was simply buried and sleeping? What would happen if it woke up…and took back its world?

About the Author

THE JOE is a veteran of the United States Army and is currently a converter lab technician in Euclid, Ohio. Since he was a child he has been a fan of science fiction, comic books, and fantasy. This is his first novel on the subject. He was raised as a Navy brat and has traveled and seen much of the United States and the world. He wrote this first novel while on deployment in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the main characters are his friends from the military. THE JOE hopes you enjoy his book and would like you to imagine yourself as the hero with your own friends as your companions in your own story.

At the end of 2012, 10% of this book's proceeds will be given to the USO by the author.

(2012, E-book, 84 pages)

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