Gaspar Is Mine!

Item# ISBN9780805981704

by R.M. Lucio

Gaspar is Mine! explores the predicaments of Jensan, the son of a baron of a newly-discovered feudal world, who witnesses the murder of his father by his older brother who covets the barony with the assistance of his henchman. Fleeing outward to space to save his life, Jensan plots his revenge.

Jensan is aided by Kerin, the daughter of another baron, with whom he realizes he is in love. When he returns disguised to his father's funeral, he exposes the guilty parties, who are then arrested. The henchman escapes, however, and then tries to take his revenge on Jensan and Kerin. Will Kerin and Jensan successfully avoid such revenge? Will Jensan become a true hero? Read Gaspar Is Mine! and see how Jensan overcomes many obstacles in order to achieve a glorious destiny.


R.M. Lucio is an avid science fiction/fantasy reader and writer, and owns more than 4,000 books in these genres. Ms. Lucio resides in Coral Gables, Florida, with her husband and three daughters. Ms. Lucio attended college in Miami, Florida, and is a devoted reader of Shakespeare. The plot of Gaspar Is Mine! is Ms. Lucio's creation, but is loosely based on the Shakespearean masterpiece, Hamlet.

(2006, paperback, 156 pages)


Gaspar Is Mine! E-book edition
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