Have you ever wondered how a book can reach out and touch someone? On this special page Red Lead authors and readers share their stories of how a Red Lead book touched their life.

"I cannot tell you what a profound influence those two periods of seventh grade English with you wound up having on my life. It was all those assignments written in a fat cursive hand in a red spiral-bound notebook that I still possess that made me realize how much I enjoyed writing and think of myself for the first time as a "writer."

--From Mike Stuckey, who is a senior writer for MSNBC out of Portland and won national awards for his series on prostate cancer and Katrina
All the women that have read my book share with me that they cry through at least the first chapter and that it has given them encouragement and hope when they have gone through difficult time.

-- David Clark
I wrote my book for my grandson who is five. I'm hoping that it will inspire him when he's a teenager. The teenage years are tough times...We often forget the values that were instilled in us when we were "young" and "stupid." I'm lucky because even though I suffered a head injury in 2001, I still remember what those before me taught me, and that is why I wrote the book. For my grandson to remember what he has learned through the years.

--Thank you, John Koza
"This work is riveting because it is creative and a trap for lazy readers, who when they start they will be forced to go on and on.....like my self.

Little angel, well-done, keep it up and keep storming this world and let the world see your creative products. I wish you all success and happiness as I wish the readers a good read and joy..."

--DR.Aboudi Hassan, English professor, Ajman University, United Arab Em

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