The God Concept III: The Crucible

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The God Concept III: The Crucible
by Karen Fertig

In The God Concept III: The Crucible, the Anderson children have grown into adults. Danny White's death was the catalyst to bring Raul to faith in Christ; and to everyone's surprise, he becomes a preacher of the Gospel. When occult worshipper Bizar challenges the young preacher to a competition of the 'gods' Bizar is shocked to the core and must decide who is worthy of worship. In the meantime, Rayena ventures out on her own, taking her son into a cruel world without the Andersons' protection. And whatever happened to Will, Tommy, Bala, Rajini and Tina? Their stories also unfold in this final episode.

About the Author

The God Concept III: The Crucible completes the God Concept trilogy. The lives of the Andersons' foster children have taken a new direction and you will enjoy watching them come into adulthood. New dimensions and challenges of faith are written into the lives of the characters that include facing the occult. The stories come from the author's heart, her own life and the lives of many of her closest friends. She continues to be an active member of a growing church, Community Baptist Temple in Akron Ohio, where she teaches the Ladies of Grace class.

(2012, paperback, 316 pages)


The God Concept III: The Crucible (PDF)
The God Concept III: The Crucible (PDF)

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