God Is...My Testimony

Item# 978-0-8059-8060-8

by Sylvia Hickman

Is God real and is He listening? The answer is YES. Our search for God begins when we question the creation of all things; our walk with God begins when we seek the truth of who, what, and why we are. Our innate curiosity to know more when what is known no longer satisfies, begins the transition through a journey of processes.

Sylvia Hickmanís journey has taken her through the capacities of what God is and has enlightened her to see His abilities and His effectiveness in her life. Most of all, her search has taken her to a depth of love she will never understand but will never be able to relinquish. The journey of process changes an individual, if there is commitment, for life. Although we do not see Him by the natural eye, He is known, and the part within us that acknowledges Him searches even more desperately to establish that God is.


Sylvia Hickman is a writer, wife, and mother, who believe in the designed destiny God prepares for everyone. Her love ministry teaches the love of God as she shares the experiences of her relationship with Him. She is the founder of Legacy, an organization that helps others through prayer and counseling.

(2005, paperback, 32 pages)

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God Is...My Testimony [E-book edition]

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