The Happy Hour: Toronto's Machete Murders

Item# ISBN978-0-8059-8455-2

by Stephen Taylor

Previously unreported to the citizens of Toronto, the grisly events and detailed accounts surrounding this unforgettable book are now made public. Never publicized nor previously reported to any members of the media or citizens — read of Toronto’s most recent and spectacular crime! Finally the story of Toronto’s Machete Murders can be told in all its most descriptive, accurate, and deadliest of details!

His scissoring blade of destruction held high to the heavens, the holy and devout emissary of death has arrived. The executioner has been let loose — now the killing weapon descends down upon those deserving to die. Sinners, beware! Women of Toronto, women of the world be wary the weapon of destruction! Honed to perfection, the man holding the blade has arrived upon the avenues of Toronto in order to mete out a most horrible death, all in the name of purity, all in the name of divine retribution, all delivered by God and his holy messenger, Willie Armstrong!


Stephen Taylor is a longtime native of suburban Toronto, where the location of Scarborough, or more accurately, the picturesque area of Cedarbrae, best describes his current living location. Classics and psychology at Waterloo Lutheran University have taken the time of a younger man, whose interests over the years have ranged from the spiritual, the horrific and, more recently, the more criminal elements of his current city and surrounding society. It seems Stephen is determined, if not destined, to combine these rather unusual ingredients into his literary narrations.

Stephen is currently a divorced father of two. Perhaps it was the author’s interest in spirituality, his love for gothic horror tales, or his need to comment on the more criminal aspects of his city that have brought forth his need to narrate his current work. Some years ago, as an avid student of religious studies, Stephen elected to become a pre-selected candidate as novice in the Basilian Order of Catholic priests. Although declining to eventually join the order, no doubt this decision has generated a much belated and most welcomed passion, nonetheless, for the more spiritual and metaphysical elements of his society while permitting the author the privilege of describing the ever-bending trees that twist outside his universal window, his world. This is Stephen’s second work. His first title of the horror genre, available through Nightengale Press, is named The House of Triblinkus.

(2007, paperback, 420 pages)

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