Holy Spirit, The Believer's Victory

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Holy Spirit, The Believer's Victory
by Kate I. Igwe

Jesus Christ promised not to leave His followers orphans; He promised to send His Holy Spirit, Who will abide with us forever and when the Holy Spirit comes He will teach, guide, help, comfort, advocate, counsel, reveal the mind of God, empower and pray for us! Wao! This leaves the believer with little or no job to do but to enjoy God's goodness. The Holy Spirit makes Christianity very pleasant! The Holy Spirit does the work in the believer and for the believer while the believer's job is to enjoy the fruits of the work of the Holy Spirit!

Believers suffer failure, lack, barrenness, diseases, frustration, depression, oppression, etc. because the Holy Spirit has not been allowed to carry out His ministry in their lives. The Holy Spirit is our Enabler and our Enablement to succeed. Believers suffer defeat in life because they resist the ministry of the Holy Spirit! A victorious life is a life filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Since the descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit has not left; He is available to everyone who is genuinely hungry for of Jesus Christ. He is your Guide to victorious living. He is the Victory of the believer!

About the Author

Kate I. Igwe is married to Igwe C. Igwe Legal Practitioner; their marriage is blessed with Emmanuel and Samuel. She is a member of Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria.

Kate I. Igwe is a disciple of the Holy Spirit, teacher and preacher of the Word of God, as well as a public and motivational speaker. She is a strong advocate of personal and national transformation through the inculcation of right values.

Kate I. Igwe is the Coordinator and the founder of Right Value International Organization (RVIO), a nongovernmental Organization that focuses on youths: their development and empowerment with a vision to inculcate right values aimed at grooming citizens and leaders with Godly values that can transform society.

(2012, paperback, 196 pages)


Holy Spirit, The Believer's Victory (PDF)
Holy Spirit, The Believer's Victory (PDF)

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