How Bad Could It Be?

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How Bad Could It Be?

by Deborah Denise Sampson

Selfishness is often frowned upon but when it comes to choosing a prospective, it really has to be about you because it covers your life and affects your life as a whole. This helps you to see relationship issues as not a desperate attempt to secure happiness because it can be the direct opposite if we don’t take time to reflect on what we could possible be getting into. Just think, really think. Don’t ask how bad could it be when you don’t have to. Just do the math and see is it worth the blessing or aggravation

About the Author

Deborah Denise Sampson is a proud native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She enjoys reading, exercising, people, and is a happy owner of a cat, “Laylie,” and a dog, “Scruffy” and she marvels at music of many genres. Deborah has a son and is recently married. She enjoys journaling more so in down points of her life and in the high points just relishing the beauty of the goodness of the creator.

(2013, Paperback, 30 pages)


How Bad Could It Be? (eBook)
How Bad Could It Be? (eBook)

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