How Big Can You Think?

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How Big Can You Think?
by Gisele Tolbert

Have you ever wondered about your future and what you will accomplish in life? Have you found yourself asking God for direction in your life? If so, this book is just for you.

The author once asked God what He wanted her to do, where would she go, what would she achieve in Him? And God responded, "How big can you think?" Tolbert was astonished at the simplicity of His statement, and yet found the statement to be incredibly profound. And now she shares His message with you and hopefully challenges you to think bigger!

About the Author

Gisele Tolbert is from Cincinnati, Ohio. God called her at a young age to teach others and allowed her to develop her ministry of teaching through directing choirs, voice coaching, tutoring classmates, teaching Bible study and Sunday school, and eventually becoming a classroom teacher. Although God had deposited His Word on the inside of her, she did not completely understand and recognize that she would actually deliver His Word to His people. After seeking God diligently, she answered the call to ministry. God has placed a special anointing in her to speak life to people by motivating and encouraging them.

(2012, paperback, 52 pages)


How Big Can You Think? (PDF)
How Big Can You Think? (PDF)

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