Hungouls of Hartford and Holland

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Hungouls of Hartford and Holland
by Joe D. Jackson Ed.D

Hungouls of Hartford and Holland is fiction. It starts out as a very simple book that might not get the attention of millions at first, but it begins to grow on you and as the characters become alive and the plot thickens, you find yourself having trouble putting it down.

Hard times in the first of the book puts a load on the marriage of two of the main characters, but as kids come along and more money is made, somehow the marriage gets better as they fight other things like spirits of the past called Huns and getting involved with the lives of their kids.

As time goes on and Huns marry Gouls, a super race of people called Hungoulds evolve that began to help make the earth a better place to live. So, by the end of the book, Hungouls are going to the moon and Mars and like before on earth, are making them into a great place to live also.

About the Author

Joe D. Jackson Ed.D is a retired high school teacher from Texas and a basic skills teacher in a community college in North Carolina. He has written four other books: Texas Farm Boy; Jackson Math in English and Spanish; Helping With Stress, Depression, Anxiety Self-Esteem and Other Things; and Science With Religion Is a Winner.

Jackson also has been in a few movies and does an Elvis act that some people claim they like. In addition to that, he lives next door to his wonderful daughter and family, and of course spends a lot of time helping the grandkids any way he can.

(2013, paperback, 230 pages)


Hungouls of Hartford and Holland (eBook)
Hungouls of Hartford and Holland (eBook)

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