Human Trafficking Along the Mississippi

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Human Trafficking Along the Mississippi
by Wanda Hancock

This book deals with human trafficking and drugs along the Mississippi River. Lettie told Grissa she was going to the library and use their computer a while. She was checking for hospitals near the Inn to call and inquire about an interview.

Grissa told Jake when he came downstairs to please call George and ask him to go check for her. Grissa called George told him about Lettie and that Jake was going to Library as well. The Chief got to the library first and saw a man dragging Lettie toward a van. She was trying to get away from him, to no avail. George got to him and put his gun in the man's back and said, "turn the girl loose or you will never take another step in your life." Jake got there and helped the Chief handcuff the man and took him to jail. The van pulled off and left the man with Lettie, who managed to jerk free from his grip and stood behind George, weeping.

About the Author

The author is from North Carolina and is a retired Registered Nurse. She worked in the ER and ICU of several states; wherever her husband was transferred. She planned to continue this particular area of nursing until her father became ill with cancer. She realized a 'nursing home' was the elderly, as well as, disabled person's most feared ending. She chose to go back to school and got her Administrator's License and began working with Nursing Facilities owners to help re-define the image of nursing homes. She was placed in Quality Assurance to ensure 13 facilities owned by one company got to and maintained standards of treatment for cleanliness, dietary needs, care plans, meals, and staff behaviors within each facility. Each facility met state and federal requirements.

(2013, paperback, 250 pages)


Human Trafficking Along the Mississippi (eBook)
Human Trafficking Along the Mississippi (eBook)

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