The Incidental Date

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The Incidental Date
by Bruce Whatley

Stuart is on a flight to Cancun to take over of the ownership of an established business. The passenger next to him just happens to be Mr. Steven, the sole owner, of his own worldwide banks and financial company. Steven's phone suddenly rings, a call notifying him that a president of one of his banks had died from a heart attack! Steven calls his Bank in Paris to speak to BreeAnne Skylar. Stuart can clearly visualize this woman! When Stuart asks Steven for BreeAnne's phone number Steven tells him to come up with $36,000 before they land. This starts off their business association. BreeAnne is now Stuart's "Dream Woman!"

Stuart then sets up a date, six months after, their first phone call. This is all due to his busy work schedule. Stuart is your Mr. American, a tall, well-built, and good looking, a real smooth talking Business Man. The novel is full of his affairs, towards his future success! It's an enthralled story of teamed business and his many wild love adventures!!!

About the Author

Back in my college pre-med days I took a drama class. My professor told me that naturally pre-med is a fine career, yet I am a very talented writer and I should also consider becoming an author.

At my age, I thought oh yea right! How could I ever dream of writing books? Well every so often, in the back of my mind, her comment would come up. So, I decided to take a long vacation to Miami, Florida to give it a shot! My first three days were a blank, and then I was writing away on this story.

I thank my beautiful wife, Denise, and my two loving daughters, Danielle and Nichole! There are my life inspirations!

Four other authors read parts of my book. I'm proud to say they all told me I'm a "Page Turner" writer! I know you will enjoy this book and my ones soon to follow!!!

Here’s from Myself, to all of You!!! Enjoy Life!

(2012, paperback, 212 pages)


The Incidental Date (PDF)
The Incidental Date (PDF)

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