An Indispensable Scientific Health Guide

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An Indispensable Scientific Health Guide
by Betty YŁ-lin Ho

Written in the summer of 2011, An Indispensable Scientific Health Guide is the author's 26th book on the living body.

In 1963, the author began research and writing. In her third book in 1970, the author developed an axiom, the ultimate theory on the living body. In the following books, the axiom ties remaining chapters together. In the present health guide, the chapter headings reflect the axiom.

With scientific reasoning, the author applied Pascal's Principle on the six organ-systems to uncover hidden mechanisms of the living body. Each organ mentioned is described in necessary scientific detail, with advice to improve a function and prevent its dysfunction.

Continued writing gave free reins to her thought, solving life's problems, prevent illnesses and the most dreaded death agony.

The reader will be able to preserve teeth, cure blindness, and prevent obesity, amputation, heart failure, surgery aging, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, autism, the death agony and much, much more.

A thorough understanding of the ideas in this book will give man the power over life and death, driving away despondency, fear, ignorance, doubt and despair. He will be able to see the inner body's functions in transparency at all moments in life. This book represents man's triumph over life and death.

About the Author

In the 13th century descendants of Tolui Khan, the 4th son of Genghis Khan, settled in Fukien, China. From her father, Ms. Ho is a 20th century descendant of Tolui Khan.

Born in China, Betty YŁ-lin Ho came to the U.S. and obtained a B.S. in Biology at Columbia University Tentatively applying her scientific ideas to her newborn infants, from her firstborn to the last infant, Ms. Ho developed an infant feeding method, subsequently obtaining both U.S. and Canadian patents for her invention.

In 1963, Ms. Ho presented an abstract to Dr. Henry S. Simms at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He kindly advised her to substantiate each statement with a reference.

Established as a Non-Profit Medical Research Organization in 1979, Ms. Ho is both President and Research Director of Juvenescent Research Corporation.

A resident of New York City, Ms. Ho is an accomplished pianist and is fluent in six languages. She is the recipient of numerous honors and awards.

(2013, paperback, 262 pages)


An Indispensable Scientific Health Guide (eBook)
An Indispensable Scientific Health Guide (eBook)

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